Men's Health

Barcoo a Men's Health Initiative Partner

Aussie men are tough. Really tough. They wear stubbies in winter and are impervious to the ailments that send regular people to the doctor.

This all sounds quite humorous, that is until you hear the statistics: Australian blokes will die, on average, seven years earlier than women from cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Add to the mix prostate cancer, heart disease, renal failure, bowel cancer and cardiovascular disease and it's no wonder men turn up at emergency more times than they've forgotten anniversaries.

It's time that something is done and Barcoo have teamed up with The PA Research Foundation's Men's Health Initiative – to raise awareness and funds for research into reducing male deaths and helping men live longer healthier lives.

The Initiative is aimed at encouraging men to make a date to see their doctor to have an annual check up and support health research into men's disease.

So be a part of the PA Research Foundations Men’s Health Initiative by purchasing Barcoo safety wear and you will be a part of bringing men's health research to life.

Barcoo is a proud supporter of Prostate Cancer Research through the PA Research Foundation's Men's Health Initiative.